About us

Free and Legal Music Download Portal


muzon.am is a web site where you can download music as simply as you do in your everyday life. By using muzon.am you develop 1 new approach and get 1 advantage: you develop the ecosystem of downloading music in a free and legal way and by downloading you get all the licensed songs with the highest quality.

Our Vision is to build muzon.am as the most secure music download portal for the users and the most trustable partner in online sphere for the show-business representatives throughout the world.

Our Mission is to create an environment where users will be provided with the best quality of the content, to develop an online marketing system for entrepreneurial PR activities and be a stimulus for development of Intellectual Property in the Republic of Armenia.

The aim of muzon.am is to take all the advantages given by technology, internet and developed market and pack them into one product. 

When we think about internet, it is the most used object in our lives. It is with us all the time. With this unique relationship in mind we take changing the approach to the legal use of internet, especially in the field of music distribution in internet very seriously. We do not want just to create environment, rather we want to make a much better environment for users and muzon.am is the result of this approach.

Muzon.am is a whole new way of interacting with songwriters, customers and users at once. As an innovative approach to the general use of internet with aim of downloading and listening to music, we developed a system, which allows defending the rights of authors, providing licensed and free music.

Understanding that music is a non separable part of everyone’s life, that it is one of the fastest developing fields and the desire to have a song of a person is so that he/she will get it with any possible way, we have created a platform that people, getting access to free music, download the songs and automatically defend the rights of authors and their famous singers.

We wish you a pleasant stay in our website and good continuation of the sunny day by enjoying the music you love.


Muzon.am Team