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Juice is a young and very promising singer, who composes music herself, perfectly dances and sings in different styles.For some time she worked as a solo back-vocalist of famous star of Russian pop music Irina Alegrova and successfully performed in many countries with her. European show business was also interested In Juice. Famous clip maker Anthony Hayskamp suggested recording of three cover-versions on the songs "Unchain My Heart" (Joe Cocker), Not That Kind (Anastasia), Play (J. Lo). After recording these songs Anthony showed them to famous musical producer In Nederland: Menno, who suggested Juice recording first single based on the song "Lover". Song "Lover" was recorded in the city Apeldorn and was sent to the European Court of listeners in radio of talents "Ongekendtalent TOP-40". For a week song "Lover" without any advertising hit the TOP-40 for 26th place. Since then, Anthony Hayskamp decided to shoot a music video for this song. Video was shot in Amsterdam and presented to the record-company SONY BMG in Italy, Milan. They suggested concluding a contract for promotion, after the record of album. A proposal was received from Japan "RED BULL" Record Tokyo for release of the single of song "Lover". But as the album hadn't been recorded yet the proposal was temporarily postponed. Composer John Bagramov who composed songs for such stars of Russian show business as Valeria-songs "Gasnut Obloka", "Pyorishko", Stas Piekha "Inache", Ivanna "Beliy Dim" suggested recording a duet with popular star of Armenian pop music Arminka. So the song "True Love" was born, for which a promotional film "MAKING OF "TRUE LOVE"" and music video were shot by Zozo. The first album under the name "KIX" was released in 2010 October 1th. The album has 9 songs in style of POP, CLUB, Latino, Electric Ethno, Electric House, Disco, Club Rock. The music for the songs "Dance with me", "Three words", "Let it go", "1, two, 3" and "Passion" was written by Juice. The cooperation with talented composer Karen Grigoryan has brought great succes to her. The author of "You are mi kix" was Karen Grigoryan, who was directed the clip for this song. The song was released in two versions - Club Remix and the acoustical. On the 1st of September 2011 a classic concert was held, evening of Karen Grigoryan in the grand hall of the Royal Festival Hall in London. Juice sang the songs "You are my kix" and "Save our love". The concert was attended by well-known violinist Karen Shahgaldyan and the London Philharmonic orchestra. The concert was a great success and was seen by British music critics. The song "You are my kix" was selected by BBC Radio and is already in rotation. By the voting of the listeners of the Radio Van the song became the best song of the March 2011. On the awarding of the Radio Van Juice received award in nomination of the best singer of 2011. Currently she is recording her second album. The first track of the second album called "Beauty of life". After that she made a track called "My Slave" with Dj Donz & Cocaine, and a duet called "Stop" with Guzh. Now the works of the second album is going on.
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