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Artsrun Khangeldyan (ArtsY)

Artsrun Khangeldyan (ArtsY)

Artsrun Khangeldyan (Artsy) is an Armenian singer-songwriter (born 06 October, 1986, Artashat city). Artsrun started his music career when he was a child taking part in different cultural events. He was nine when he started attending one of the choirs in Artashat city, where he sang for 5 years. Artsrun finished the local music school mastering two musical instruments: the clarinet and the piano. Later on he took part in a few TV talent show-programs like “Pop Idol”, “The X factor” and “The Voice”. The most successful among those has been his participation in the first episode of “The X Factor Armenia” in 2011 where he took the 4th place. This played a significant role in the development of his future musical career. In the project “The Voice of Armenia” Artsrun entered Sushan Petrosyan's team and was among top 6 participants in the group. Since 2006 he is an active member of Yerevan state university Culture center as a solo singer. Artsrun had many concerts and performances in many cities of Armenia, Nagorno Karabagh and Georgia. He has graduated from Yerevan state university in 2012 with a Ph.D. degree in Economics. Sings at two bands. Not married.
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