Profile - Davit Tujaryan(a.k.a. Davit Sasuntsi)

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Davit Tujaryan(a.k.a. Davit Sasuntsi)

Davit Tujaryan(a.k.a. Davit Sasuntsi)

Davit Tujaryan's name is well known to lovers of Armenian pop music in and out of the country. His range allows him to perform Armenian pop, folk, patriotic and lyrical songs, as well as house and rumba. His remarkable velvety timbre and expert performance create mini-shows on stage, charging listeners with positive vibes. Until most recently not too many, while enjoying the songs Maral, Ayrvogh Kamurjner and Es aghjikeh, could recall the full name of the performer, since Davit Tujaryan was known under the name of the eponymous epic hero, who he had embodied in the famous Armenian project. Davit Tujaryan first appeared before the public in 2004. Through years of active stage career covering a broad geography Davit has consistently enriched his performing style and expanded the repertoire, which includes over a hundred love songs, pop and folk songs, spirituals and patriotic songs. Some of these are included in his two published audio albums. Davit Tujaryan's concerts create a wonderful atmosphere of cohesion, togetherness of the singer and the entire audience in the act of creation. The compulsion to work for the audience and bestow great pleasure helps Davit, irrespective of the origin of listeners, to bridge the gap dividing the stage from the audience. He sings in various styles: some of his songs are straightforward hits appealing to undemanding audiences; others may be appreciated by listeners of a certain age cohort. This said his concert programme Maral, which is performed to live accompaniment, reaches out to and ignites absolutely everyone in any audience: very few resist the urge to spring up and dance.

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