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Սոֆի, Մխեյան, Սոֆի Մխեյան, Sofi, Mkheyan, Mxeyan, Mgheyan, Sofi Mkheyan, Sofi Mxeyan, Sofi Mgheyan,
Sofi Mkheyan

Sofi Mkheyan

Sofi Mkheyan (Սոֆի Մխեյան, born c. 1984) is an Armenian singer and the winner of Best Newcomer award at the Armenian National Music Awards in Yerevan 2005.
Her first album, entitled Kyanqe Qo, contains 10 songs including "Im Enger", "Ser" and "Nayir Im Achkerin" and her last hip hop single "Ore Yev Nerkan" and a duet with Sirusho called "Arjani E".
Sofi started singing in Do Re Mi school and she studied in Sayat Nova Music School. She graduated from Romanos Melikian College, and now she is a student in Yerevan State Conservatory.
Her second album, entitled Luys Khavarum, was released on September 25, 2009 in Armenia and contained 12 tracks. The first single was "Luys Khavarum" was one of the best Armenian hits in 2009.
Sofi performed the song on both 2009 and 2010 Armenian National Music Awards. The video for the second single, "Petq Ches", was released in late 2009 and the song impacted radio stations in early 2010.
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Song Name


Uzum em khosel

Hatchakh zhpta

Game Over




Luys khavarum

Gitem kas

Ory yev nerkan


Karoti yeraz

Arzhani e

Luys khavaru...

Nayir im ach...

Vortegh gtnem


Mot kam heru

Petq ches

Im ynker

Lur e sers

Mer ughinery

Mshushot ser

Kyanqy qo


Chem toghni

Havatum em

Mievnuynn e